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I Love Designs is a collection of unique, inter-connected designs.

Our collection of designs has a simple 'I Love' theme. Our designs are arranged into four categories for your convenience. The designs can be purchased in our gallery shop.

Gallery Shop
When you purchase one of our unique designs, you will receive an exclusive framed print in addition to full ownership of the copyright for that individual design.

Customised Products
When you purchase one of our designs we will also send you image files that can be used to print more copies of your designs or creature customised product such as t-shirts, bags, fridge-magnets, badges, etc.

Cost of Designs
A single design costs €100.00. Double designs cost €175.00. Free delivery on all orders.

Double Designs
A double design comprises of two different but related framed prints. You will also acquire the copyright to both designs as well as image files for each of the two designs.

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